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Raw Artistic, Köln (DE)

Raw Artistic, Köln (DE)

""Ooh! Das fühlt sich aber gut an..." sagte ich, als Guido Apke (Apke Tontechnik) vor Jahren bei mir im Studio stand und mit ernstem Ton sagte "Phil! Das musst Du hören!". Was kam, war nicht vorhersehbar, aber unumgänglich! Nun bin ich komplett ver-VOVOX-ed, habe mir eine S8 Mikrofon Strecke vom Aufnahmeraum direkt in die Preamps gelegt und mein analoges COTK Modular komplett mit sonorus verpatched. [...] Mein Sound, meine Klangwelt, meine Produktionen und Mixe waren plötzlich so schön, so offen und so tief. Mikrophone klingen, Instrumente und Synth gewinnen, ich höre den Strom im Modular fliessen und das nicht nur bei Audio sondern auch bei Steuerspannung.

Danke! Danke VOVOX!"

Phil Kullmann, Raw Artistic

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studio 18
Stüdyo 18, Istanbul (TR)

"As a professional producer/sound engineer, I have been the witness of the importance of the signal and power cables in sound. I have been always careful about the quality of the cables on the projects I have recorded/produced. Although I was using good quality cables in my studio, after changing all of them with Vovox, I have observed the difference as black & white! It is hard to explain what I hear but I can say that there is a curtain on the sound before and it has disappeared and it is much more clean, detailed and natural now. All of the cables in my studio and my hifi system at home are now only Vovox.
I also would like to say that to change all of the cables in a listening/recording chain makes the real difference comparing to the change of only one or two cables in that system. So, just go for the Vovox and feel the music – you will not regret at all."

Levent Buyuk, Stüdyo 18

Astia-studio, Lappeenranta (FI)
Astia-studio, Lappeenranta (FI)

"When it comes to sound I no longer only record on magnetic tape at Astia-studio A, but do it using VOVOX cables. In audio the quality is as good as the weakest link in signal chain. With VOVOX cables I can be sure that no information is lost and everything translates to the finest detail."

Anssi Kippo/Astia-studio (Lappeenranta, Finland)

H12 Audio, Thessaloniki (GR)
H12 Audio, Thessaloniki (GR)

"I love VOVOX cables, their appearance, their sonic characteristics, the build quality. But the main reason I am exclusively using them is because I don’t really want to think about cables, and these do their job really well and they never get in the way."

Major, H12 Audio